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  Arrow  Harrogate - HG3 2SQ
  Worth Cleaning Services   York - YO30 5TR
  J&H Cleaning of Scarborough  Eastfield, Scarborough - YO11 3NF
  Time For You (The Dales) Ltd  York - YO26 7WW
  The Clean Team  Pocklington, Allerthorpe, York - YO42 4RN
  Time For You Domestic Cleaning  Fryton, York - YO62 4AT
  AAR Services  Huntington, York - YO32 9GB
  Spotlessly Clean  York - YO24 4RD
  Dab Hands Cleaning Services  York - YO31 0LJ
  Lavender Housekeepers  Welburn, York - YO60 7EZ
  Soap Operas  Richmond - DL10 4PH
  Maid2clean  Church Fenton, Tadcaster, - LS24 9SJ
  Mopportunities Domestic Cleaning Agency  Marton, Sinnington, York, - YO62 6RD
  Time2breathe Home Front Management  Harrogate - HG2 8DG

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