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  New Broom  Clowne, Chesterfield - S43 4LZ
  Sovereign of Derby Cleaning Specialist  Sinfin, Derby - DE24 9HG
  KCK  Borrowash, Derby - DE72 3HG
  Helping Hands  Matlock - DE4 3TT
  TLC Cleaning  Mastin Moor, Chesterfield - S43 3FA
  Lesley Henriques Cleaning Services  Scropton, Derby - DE65 5PN
  Time for You  Derby - DE22 1BG
  Helping Hands  Old Whittington, Chesterfield - S41 9LR
  A & J Services  Hadfield, Glossop - SK13 1NX
  A.C Cleaning Services  Denby Village, Ripley - DE5 8PA
  Angies Cleaning Services  Ticknall, Derby - DE73 7JH
  Cath's Cleaning Service  Tintwistle, Glossop - SK13 1JN
  A Star Cleaning  Derby - DE22 3HT
  ADS Contract Cleaning Services   Derby - DE22 3UB

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